My name is Christina Mendoza Prickett. I’m part American, part Salvadorian and grew up in Southern Florida, the bottom half that’s not like most of the ‘Southern-US’. I spent most of my life in the sunshine state and as a young adult, the travel bug hit. I thought I’d move my way up to NYC until love happened and I ended up in London, England where I’ve been working and playing in travel. Three years later, I’ll admit I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I do now. I love the buzz of the big city and the juxtaposition of London boroughs that feel like the countryside, which is why we get the best of both worlds nesting in Southwest London.

I’ve always enjoyed the walking that comes with London living and these days what I look forward to most are Saturday morning walks to the local market with my husband Matt and our newly adopted dog named Olly. If this sounds like your idea of going out too then I assure you, you’ll find something in this space you’ll enjoy! Olly and The Bee combines some of the things I love to do most: cook, write and dabble in photography. It’s a place for me to share some of the moments that have made me happiest, and a lot of them have revolved around a dining room table at home and around the world.

I like to credit Pinterest with teaching me how to cook, but really it’s been the community of food bloggers that have sparked so much inspiration for me because of the social network. You’ll find recipes here that have been in the family for decades; I love traditions and the foods we eat that celebrate them are. Mainly, you’ll find food that has been cooked with local produce using simple ingredients because those are some of my favorite meals. This space is for the love of good food, simple ingredients and the wonderful company I get to share it with.